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Quality & Service

Top quality

Noesen stands for quality throughout the entire process. From purchase and entrance control until after sales.

Our products

Excellent service

Thanks to the combination of an extensive stock (2,500 tonnes) and our company-owned trucks, we can respond very quickly in case of an urgent request.

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Social commitment

Every business, every SME, has a social responsibility. Noesen is quite intent on fulfilling this role.

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Quality at competitive prices

Noesen supplies top-quality steel from a permanent stock of 2,500 tonnes of European material. We provide excellent service. Including expertise, a meticulous follow-up and a smile.

High-quality steel at the best, most competitive prices. For the furniture industry, metallic construction, machine building and turning and milling work. Sectors that each have their own specific challenges and are continuously evolving. For you as our customer, Noesen Steel is a reliable and proactive partner.

A supplier of top quality, in combination with an excellent service at the best possible price. And with a rock-solid social commitment.

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Until further notice we stay open, following strictly the guidelines and measures promulgated by the government.

In 2020 we will be closed on the following days:

  • Mo 13/04 – Fr 01/05 – Th 21/05 – Fr 22/05 – Mo 01/06
  • Annual leave from 20/07 until 03/08 included
  • Mo 17/08 – Mo 02/11 – We 11/11
  • Christmas leave from 24/12 until 01/01/2021 included

We are pleased to present to you our brand-new website!

You know Noesen Steel Wholesale as a family business with a great tradition, but also as a continuously innovating partner. And that includes this new website. Please feel free to let us know what you think!

In the past year, we have again completed a few great investments. High-performance servers, for example, and also a new truck, already our 7th MAN!

What our customers say

Staalhandel Noesen

Never any damages or bended profiles. A friendly welcome and an accurate administration. Noesen understands that sometimes things have to move a little faster and responds to these situations professionally.

- German Ooms, Ooms Machine Building

Staalhandel Noesen

Noesen stands for quality, quantity, correctness and punctuality! Nice to be able to work with you as a supplier, hopefully for many more years.

- Wim Pickavet, Inferro bvba

Staalhandel Noesen

Noesen has been our regular profile supplier for more than 20 years. Noesen's word is as good as gold. And we at BLC value that!

- Patrik Mok, Belgian Laser Company

Staalhandel Noesen

It is great working together with Noesen! Clear communication, correct deliveries, quality material and proactive people.

- Anky Van Wesenbeeck Steel Dreams

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